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Joe Arpaio's Favorability Rating "Falls" to (Sigh) 53 Percent

See also: Victims Wonder Why Arpaio Let Sex-Abuse Cases Languish See also: Mike Stauffer's Third-Wheel Bid for Sheriff May Keep Arpaio in Office See also: Joe Arpaio's Scooby Doo Gang Nails Obama on Alleged Damning Phone Interview With 95-year-old Woman, Presents Zero Real Evidence The good news? Sheriff Joe Arpaio's favorability rating has slipped, and his foray into the tin-foil hattery of the birthers is positively loathed by the public, with 65 percent of respondents expressing disapproval of the probe, and 54 percent expressing strong disapproval.

The bad news? Though Arpaio's ratings are down from a couple of years ago, he's still hanging in there at a 53 percent approval rating, better than can be boasted by Governor Jan Brewer, President Barack Obama, and Obama's GOP rival, Mitt Romney.

The survey of 600 likely county voters was done by the national polling firm Strategies 360, and commissioned by Citizens for a Better Arizona, the advocacy group responsible for the recall of ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce, which is working against both Pearce and Arpaio this election season.

Amazingly, despite the MCSO's botching of more than 400 sex crimes cases in El Mirage, Arpaio receives a 76 percent approval rating for being "tough on crime." (Do these people read the news, or what?) He gets far less approval for subjects such as "Being a good steward of taxpayer dollars" (46 percent) and "Keeping politics out of law enforcement" (43 percent).

But his approval ratings take a major dive when it comes to his asinine investigation into President Obama's birth certificate. As you might expect, Democrats really hate the birther mess, by a whopping 88 percent, according to the crosstabs. But more GOPers dislike it than you might imagine. The poll shows 44 percent disapproval among the tuskers.

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