Joe Arpaio's Gross Arm Sling for Sale on eBay

Some disgusting human beings are bidding on a piece of used medical equipment that's covered in elderly Sheriff Joe Arpaio's dead skin cells.

The eBay ad, which doesn't include Arpaio's jock strap as a free bonus, alleges that the money is going toward MCSO's MASH unit for abused animals.

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Since Arpaio's office "misspent" a few bucks short of $100 million over eight years, we're sure this money's going straight to the poor animals.

Just reflect on the shortcomings of mankind while you realize that people are willing to give money to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and they're willing to give him money for a medical device that has been rubbing off the dead skin and soaking up the juices that have dripped from this guy's armpits and the under-areas of his man-boobs -- the thought alone should leave you gagging.

Not only are people apparently offering authentic U.S. currency for this thing, they're actually offering thousands of dollars for it.

On top of that, he was only in the sling because he tripped over himself on his way to lunch and broke his arm.


The auction ends tonight, and you can see how much the bidding's up to by clicking here.

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