Joe Arpaio's High School Basketball Team Sucked (Yes, There's a Photo)

Buzzfeed posted a list earlier this week of "69 Politicians As They Were In High School," including some vintage yearbook shots of Governor Jan Brewer, Senator John McCain, and former Governor Janet Napolitano.

That prompted us to check out the Museum of Natural History 1950 yearbook from Commerce High School in Springfield, Massachusetts, to see ol' Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Much to our surprise, he's not the rotund gentleman in the top-right corner of the picture to the right of the school's basketball team, but actually the guy in the bottom left.

Based on the description of the team in the yearbook, the team sucked, and Arpaio wasn't exactly an all-star.

The team won a grand total of six games in the spring of 1950, while losing 12, and Arpaio was mentioned in precisely one game description.

"The victory ended the season for the Raiders, and gave them a 6-12 record," the yearbook says. "Economidy, with ten points; and Ersing, with 12, led in the scoring parade; while Arpaio, Shea, and Guess excelled as play-makers."

He's not in either of the game-action photos in the book, so it's more likely his excellent play-making included filling water cups and giving the actual players some fresh towels.

Anyway, here's the photo of Arpaio and the boys:

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