Joe Arpaio's Latest Sweep Begins in Surprise, According to ABC15

ABC15 is reporting that the MCSO will be conducting its latest Hispanic-hunting sweep in Surprise today. Apparently, Joe will be holding a press conference at 5 p.m. at his command post at the sheriff's substation at Dysart and Bell Roads. The operation begins at noon, with the usual 200 deputies and posse members. This, despite the fact that Immigration and Customs Enforcement head John Morton stated in a press conference call this morning that Arpaio does not have federal authority to conduct these sweeps.

Human rights observers and activists are already heading to Surprise to monitor deputies' activities with video cameras. Arpaio has said he has a "new tool" to combat such Constitutionally-protected monitoring. Many of the activists believe they may just be arrested by the MCSO on false charges, even though they do not interfere with the MCSO and they observe MCSO arrests and stops at a distance.

This is Arpaio's second sweep in Surprise, if I recall correctly. The first took place back in 2008 when Arpaio's re-election was being challenged by Democrat Dan Saban. Saban was doing a town hall nearby, and it was believed Arpaio pulled the sweep as a way of disrupting the event. I know the sprawl out that way caused some problems for the activists monitoring Arpaio's beige-shirts last time around.

And so the injustice rolls down like a mighty river here in Ari-bama. Will this climate of oppression ever recede, I wonder?

Stay tuned. More as I get it.


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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.