Joe Arpaio's Not BFF Bill Louis: How To Find His Tell-All Book--An UPDATE

The story "Collateral Damage," which is now available in print and on here on our website talks about a new book by retired assistant El Mirage Police Chief Bill Louis about the outrageous failure of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's investigative unit to look into hundreds of alleged sex-crimes cases from about 2005-07.

Louis lets Arpaio and several of the sheriff's top "advisors" have it between the eyes in his self-published book, for letting down untold numbers of victims and for generally being terrible embarrassments to law enforcement. It's a fine effort by a decent guy and onetime Phoenix police assistant chief who decided early in his tenure (2007-2010) in El Mirage with current Surprise police chief Mike Frazier that going along to get along with the powerful Arpaio just didn't suit him. We've received a few dozen E-mails in the last 24 hours or so asking us how they can purchase Louis' book, "If There Were Any Victims," which refers to the sheriff's callous comments at a press conference after new revelations of the El Mirage scandal surfaced late last year.

Those interested in checking out Chief Louis' book should start by going to to the Louis tells us that he's going to try to get some big chains--Costco and Barnes&Noble almong them--interested in picking up the book, though he knows full well how competitive the market is. Bottom line, he did a nice job putting this difficult narrative together, and should be proud of himself and, more important, proud of how he, Chief Frazier and others in El Mirage stood their ground against a petty little tyrant, Joe.

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Paul Rubin
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