Joe Arpaio's Posse: The COPS Episode (Kind of)

As Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio plans to dispatch volunteer members of his "posse" to go fiddle-fart around public schools with guns, our colleague Stephen Lemons points out that the posse members sure aren't cops.

However, as is usually the case when the day's news-of-the-dumb comes from Arizona, there's a relevant segment from the Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

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Thanks to the commenter using the handle "WhoKnows," we can now verify the existence of a late '90s Daily Show clip in which Stephen Colbert makes a fake episode of COPS, utilizing members of Arpaio's posse.

Included in the clip: some old geezer having trouble putting on a vest, and also explaining that she's not allowed to turn on the siren in the patrol car, not knowing the radio codes, and getting lost while responding to a call.

Arpaio's posse has a pretty detailed history of goofiness -- lest we forget the "Cold Case Posse" -- but the faux-COPS video is the perfect example of why most of our readers think it's a garbage idea to have posse members around schools, trying to prevent a massacre of children.

Check it out below:

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