Joe Arpaio's Probe Into Barack Obama's "Fake Birth Certificate" Inspires Gallery of "Face-Palms"

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office confirmed to New Times earlier this week that the sheriff's assigned an "elite posse" to look into President Barack Obama's "fake birth certificate" before allowing his name on the presidential ballot in Arizona next year.

In response to the embarrassment Arpaio's decision to investigate a crackpot conspiracy theory has caused the majority of Arizonans, a local group has asked people to submit photos of themselves "face-palming" to let the sheriff know how humiliated they are by his wild west brand of fruitcake sheriffin'.

A "face-palm" is what happens when you're confronted with a humiliating situation and think to yourself "really...this is really happening? This is really fucking happening! What am I going to tell my out-of-state friends?" You then smash your palm into your face as if to hide yourself from the rest of the world.

See the gallery of Arpaio-inspired "face-palms" -- compliments of the group People Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- here.

See a few of our favorites below.

If Arpaio hasn't inspired you to "face-palm" recently, something's wrong -- in addition to the investigation into a continuously debunked conspiracy theory, the sheriff's never-ending antics recently helped earn Arizona the title of the "meth lab of democracy," and the hit-hungry blogsters at Gawker recently named the Grand Canyon State the worst state in the entire country. Gawker cited Maricopa County's "insane lunatic cowboy wannabe" sheriff as part of the reason for Arizona's being the worst of the worst.

Feel free to send any of your own "face-palms" to James.King@NewTimes.com -- we'll do what we can to have your photo added to the gallery.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.