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Joe Arpaio's Replacement, Paul Penzone, Blasts Sheriff's Handling of Sex Crimes in New Ad

Penzone pummels Arpaio on the El Mirage sex crimes scandal

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I'm a pessimist at heart, but Democratic candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone is beginning to convince me that he will be Sheriff Joe Arpaio's replacement come November.

Every time I see Penzone on the stump, he's more appealing as a candidate, more confident, more focused on the goal at hand.

His signs are up everywhere, and they look a helluva lot better than the cheap, crappy red ones Arpaio's mooks have posted.

Penzone's endorsement list adds names of prominent Republicans and Democrats almost daily. His volunteers are young and enthusiastic, and so far he's raised more cash than any Joe-challenger in recent memory.

But what I really like about the guy is that he knows how to land a punch. Just take a look at this new ad above, which according to Penzone spokeswoman Stacy Pearson, will begin running by week's end on local TV.

In it, Penzone calls our decrepit sheriff out on the hundreds of botched sex crime investigations in El Mirage, a scandal that would have forced the resignation of any other elected official.

Pearson says the creepy account of child abuse in the piece, read by a little girl, is torn from the pages of If There Were Any Victims..., the expose by former Phoenix cop and ex-Assistant Chief of the El Mirage Police Department Bill Louis.

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