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Joe Arpaio's Stooge Mike Stauffer Still in Sheriff's Race, Rumors Aside

To rip off the great Samuel Langhorne Clemens, reports of Mike Stauffer's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Finance reports were due in to the county last night, and the Republican-turned-Independent's campaign for sheriff filed a "No Activity Statement," which would normally attest to no expenditures or donations for the time period involved.

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However, there was a second report, filed at the same time, which showed that Stauffer's campaign received $425 between September 18 and October 25.

He spent $70.57 for the same period, and has cash on hand of $670.39.

Both reports were on the Maricopa County Elections website, but some folks just looked at the NAS, and saw what they wanted to see.

Dems and just about everyone who dislikes Stauffer's third-wheel candidacy went crazy reposting a link for the NAS.

However, after some prompting by yours truly, Stauffer's campaign Tweeted that filing the NAS was a mistake.

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