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Joe Arpaio's Tent City: Shut It Down, Puente Protest Demands

Shut down Sheriff Joe Arpaio's notorious outdoors-deathtrap Tent City? Sounds like a solid idea to me, and one the Phoenix human rights organization Puente will be pushing Saturday, June 23 during a rally and vigil outside Joe's al fresco gulag.

I had to look twice at the announcement for this action initially, thinking it was promising to shut Tent City down. The message is slightly less in-your-face, though I doubt Joe will like it:

Likely following the Supreme Court decision on the DOJ SB1070 case, Puente and the UU's Standing on the Side of Love are calling for a rally and vigil at Sheriff Arpaio's Tent City.

Thousands of Unitarian supporters and community members will hold a peaceful vigil at the site of one of Arizona's longest standing embarrassments and epicenter of human rights violations calling for it to be shut down, Sheriff Arpaio's "tent city."

We are the 99%, Arrest Arpaio, Close his tents.

Location, Tent City, 2939 W Durango, Phoenix, AZ 85009

Time: 8 p.m., Saturday, June 23.

The demonstration is scheduled to coincide with a General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association in Phoenix that weekend. 

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