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Joe Arpaio's Top Ten Bigoted Statements

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10) "I appreciate your support. You're on the right track. You're doing what you should be doing."

--Arpaio speaking to the extremist anti-immigration group United for a Sovereign America in 2008, with neo-Nazi and Joe-supporter Elton Hall in attendance.

9) "The good news is, all these people are leaving. They're going to other states, or back to Mexico."

-Arpaio to United for a Sovereign America members at the same meeting in 2008.

8) SANCHEZ: But you just told me -- let's go back here. You just told me that you arrest a people and turn them over to the Feds even if they haven't committed a crime.

ARPAIO: No. They did commit a crime. They are here illegally.

--Arpaio to CNN host Rick Sanchez in 2009.

(Note: According to the U.S. Supreme Court in Arizona v. United States, "As a general rule, it is not a crime for a removable alien to remain present in the United States.")

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