Joe Arpaio's Trying to Find Out What He Can Do to Craigslist After Bestiality Busts

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After finally cranking out his third letter to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster -- which will likely be tossed straight in the garbage at Craigslist headquarters -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to know what kind of action he can take against the website.

As we predicted, Arpaio put out a press release last week after another bestiality arrest, announcing that he's writing a letter to Buckmaster yet again, even though the Craigslist CEO never has written him back.

Now, a week later, Arpaio announced that he finally finished his latest letter,saying he wants to do more than just fill Cragslist's recycling bin with his letters.

"Sheriff Arpaio has also offered to sit down in person to discuss what can and cannot be done," the MCSO press release says. "Sheriff Arpaio says he will continue to investigate these types of violations involving animals, and also research what action could be taken against Craigslist, especially since the CEO/President refuses to cooperate."

According to Arpaio's knowledge on the bestiality matter, which he described in a previous letter, there are sections on the website called "men seeking men" and "casual encounters," which Arpaio describes as being "often accompanied by graphic photographs depicting a fully nude male in various pornographic situations."

That was more of a side-note, as the point of Arpaio's letter was to scold Craigslist for not immediately deleting posts made by people who might be interested in having sex with dogs.

After James Naylor became the sixth person since February 2011 to be arrested by the MCSO for allegedly trying to find a hot date with a dog on Craigslist, Arpaio got a bit more whiny in his letter to Buckmaster.

"Again I write you imploring you to reason," Arpaio writes . "Will you, again, ignore my concern?"

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Naylor's post said he was looking for "hung tops," but added, "Willing to try hung K9 4 fun too."

Eventually, the detective "made arrangements to meet with Naylor at hotel for the purpose of Naylor having sex with a dog," the documents state.

After his arrest when he showed up to a Mesa hotel, Naylor admitted being the one who was corresponding with the detective via e-mail, but said "he was curious and that he was just there to watch," according to the court documents.

When Naylor was confronted about the pair of condoms in his pocket, the detective wrote in a probable-cause statement that "he insisted that he had been carrying them with him for nearly a year because he had not had sex with his wife for approximately a year."

Arpaio omitted the claim that he's "research[ing]" what he can do to Craigslist but did tell Buckmaster he wants to sit down with him to discuss "illegal sexual liaisons."

Since none of that's ever going to happen, you can read more about MCSO's involvement (or lack thereof) in "illegal sexual liaisons" below:

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