Joe Arpaio's Visit to Mesa Community College Will Be Sans Protest Signs, Young Republicans Vow. We'll See

If you plan on heading to Mesa Community College tomorrow to protest Sheriff Joe Arpaio, you'll have to leave your "Joe Sucks" sign at home -- the fuzz isn't allowing signs on the campus while the sheriff speaks with a group of college Republicans.

Kevin Fosburgh, president of the Mesa Community College Young Republicans, tells New Times that his organization and campus police are taking drastic measures to make sure a spectacle doesn't occur like the one that broke out when Arpaio visited the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU in December.

How these dicks can prohibit free speech, we're not sure. Mesa Community College is hardly on private property, and there's that little thing called the Constitution.

In case you missed the December incident, protesters forced Arpaio off the stage at the Cronkite School by singing their own, anti-Joe version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, while school administrators pleaded with them to pipe down and let Arpaio speak.

Even though the target of the heckling was Maricopa County's corrupt top cop, the protesters crossed the line between free speech and just being obnoxious and came across looking like doofuses.

Fosburgh says this appearance will be different and that protesters inside the building where the sheriff is speaking won't be able to get away with shenanigans like the ones pulled at ASU without getting the heave-ho from security.

"If someone stands up and interrupts the sheriff they will get a warning. If it persists, they'll be removed," he says.

Protest signs will be allowed on the perimeter of the campus, but not on sidewalks leading into the building where Arpaio is scheduled to speak, something Fosburgh says was decided by campus security.

"I wanted to have an area on campus reserved for protesters," he says. "People have a constitutional right to express their opinion."


In addition to the scores of protesters college and police officials are expecting to show up to protest Arpaio, Fosburgh says he knows of a local Tea Party group that plans to show up to protest the protesters protesting Arpaio.

Wonder if they'll be allowed to carry signs on campus? We'll be watching.

If anyone wants to make this extra stupid, feel free to head over to Mesa Community College tomorrow afternoon to protest the protesters protesting the protesters of Joe Arpaio.

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