Joe Arpaio's Voice Pimps Phoenix Magazine at Your Local Fry's

If you require more evidence that Phoenix Magazine's July issue cover story on Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- penned by former New Times staff writer and current Phoenix Magazine associate editor Niki D'Andrea -- is a massive wad of journalistic fellatio, a trip to your local Fry's grocery store will convince you beyond a shadow of a doubt with a pro-Joe assault on your senses.

Not only is Joe's geriatric mug lined up next to issues of the National Enquirer and boxes of Five Hour Energy bottles at check-out stands, his distinctive pseudo-mob boss voice regularly invades your ears, in an audio ad pimping the issue in question.

The promo begins with a woman's voice informing listeners that the current issue of Phoenix Magazine features "the Elvis-busting, opium-seizing, Sinatra-singing, racially profiled Notorious J.O.E."

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The lady then tells you that Phoenix Magazine went "inside Tent City," and scored "an exclusive interview with Joe Arpaio."

An interview with Arpaio? Wow, I'll bet that was tough to get. And a walk-through of Tent City? That's a first.

The ad ends with Arpaio's voice.

"Make sure you pick up the Phoenix Magazine July issue, featuring this sheriff," he says.

Don't get me wrong, Joe loves all media, good, bad and indifferent. But he would not promote a story that did not promote him.

Guaranteed to cause nausea in the normal

So much for producing the "balanced" piece that asked Joe the "tough questions," as Phoenix Magazine's effete, terminally-bourgeois editrix Keridwen Cornelius promises in her intro to the issue.

As for D'Andrea, she seems to have removed from her Facebook page the chummy photo of herself and Joe lunching on the contents of Ladmo bags in Tent City, as well as the long strand of comments it produced.

If that's an inkling of shame at having written a glowing piece on this stinker, I commend her.

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