Joel Fox Booted from Maricopa County Sheriff's Office; Arpaio Remains Mum

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office confirms to New Times that shamed former Captain Joel Fox has been given the boot following a long-running internal investigation that already has resulted in the resignations of two other top deputies.

Former Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott and Deputy Chief Larry Black -- with whom Fox shared a long-running bromance (read our story on the love birds here) -- resigned in April when Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave them the option of quitting or getting fired.

Arpaio pegged Deputy Chief Mike Olson with the duty of sorting through the allegations made in the now-notorious "Munnell Memo."

The 63-page memo, penned by Deputy Chief Frank Munnell, alleged a culture of corruption, mismanagement, and intimidation at the MCSO -- with Fox, Hendershott, and Black leading the charge.

In a statement provided by the Sheriff's Office, Olson says the following about Fox's termination:

"I was delegated the authority to review this complicated disciplinary case by Sheriff Arpaio due to my impartiality. I have never worked with or for Joel Fox," Olson says. "I was not involved in any aspect of this case prior to this responsibility. After comparing the facts of this case to Maricopa County Sheriff's Office policy, I have determined that termination is the only reasonable disciplinary decision to be made."

See our archives of Fox's misdeeds here.

Arpaio says Fox has can appeal the decision through the Merit Commission -- and, per usual, that's all the sheriff has to say about his three top henchmen leaving the agency in disgrace.

"In an effort to protect the rights of both parties, we cannot provide any additional information until his appeal process is completed," the sheriff says.

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