John Brigham, of PCP-Fueled Naked Carjacking Spree Fame, Pleads Guilty to Six Charges

Scottsdale's most famous -- or only -- naked, PCP-fueled carjacker pleaded guilty to six charges related to his June episode.

John Brigham, a former realtor and Chandler high school teacher, pleaded guilty to robbery, transportation theft, aggravated assault, and three counts of endangerment.

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According to court documents previously obtained by New Times, Brigham's spree started on the afternoon of June 29, when he blew through a red light and ran into two cars -- which sounded bad enough, until he got naked and started running.

After shedding his clothes and jogging down Via de Ventura, Brigham jumped on top of one of the cars he'd crashed into and started "chanting unknown statements," the documents say.

Police say Brigham then made it onto Hayden Road and carjacked a woman driving a Toyota Prius.

After making it onto Shea Boulevard and heading toward the Loop 101 entrance, Brigham hopped the median and crashed into three more cars, while the Prius flipped a few times.

Brigham kept going, as police say he tried to "forcibly enter" three other cars that were stopped on Shea before officers showed up and arrested him.

One of the people he hit on Shea was a woman who sustained two broken legs from the crash. She was eight months pregnant at the time, according to the documents.

Three other people were hospitalized after their crashes with Brigham, and Brigham himself also was hospitalized.

According to the documents, the initial toxicology report showed a presence of PCP in Brigham's body.

And somehow, this wasn't the first time Brigham was accused of doing something extraordinarily strange.

In November, 2011, Scottsdale police responded to a call at the home of Brigham's uncle -- who was in New York at the time -- and found Brigham dressed only in a towel, dancing to loud music and talking to people who weren't there.

He told police that he'd prepared a pot full of various household items for a supposed "witch" that was visiting.

He had also created an art piece in the driveway consisting of a grapefruit with a key stuck in it, a football, a hammer, dog kennels, and other items, topped off with a lamp.

Criminal charges were dropped in that case after Brigham completed a diversion program.

His sentencing on the charges related to the naked carjacking incident is scheduled for January 23.

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