John McCain Ad Calls J.D. Hayworth a "Huckster" Over Gig as Pitchman

Here's a word we never thought we'd hear to describe a candidate for the U.S. Senate: J.D. Hayworth is a "huckster" -- at least according to a new Web ad pimped by Senator John McCain's campaign.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term, a "huckster" is someone who peddles crappy merchandise on the street, or, in Hayworth's case, a pitchman for a now-bankrupt company that offered seminars that basically showed people how to milk the federal government for everything it's worth.

Check out the ad after the jump.


"After Congressman Hayworth earned a reputation as a pork barrel spender who voted for absurd projects like the $223 million 'Bridge to Nowhere,' he pitched 'hundreds of billions of dollars' in 'free money' from the government during a late-night TV infomercial," says McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers. "And now Hayworth is asking us to send him back to Washington so he can waste even more of our taxpayer dollars on his ridiculous schemes? Arizonans are smarter than that."

The company Hayworth was promoting was called National Grants Conferences, which has since gone bankrupt and is accused by consumer advocates of using high-pressure sales tactics to trick people into paying for information that's available for free online.

As we mentioned in a prior post, Hayworth defended his gig as a pitchman for the shady company by saying, "I'm a broadcaster, and yeah, I appeared in this, and yes, it was a job. And that's that."

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