John McCain and Jon Kyl Endorse Jan Brewer in AZ Gov's Race

The love affair between Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and GOPers all over the country apparently has found its way to the United States Senate.

Both of Arizona's senators announced this afternoon that they'll support Brewer in the GOP primary for governor this August and, obviously, in the general election in November.

"There has been no stronger defender of the State of Arizona than Governor Jan Brewer," Senator John McCain says in today's statement. "From border security to health care to job creation, Governor Brewer has consistently stood up for our state. Governor Brewer continues to lead the fight against the Obama Administration's frivolous lawsuit against Arizona's immigration law. Governor Brewer is clearly the right leader to guide Arizona through these challenging times, and I am proud to support her."

Senator Jon Kyl seems to be equally smitten with Jan's performance as governor.

"At critical times during the health care debate, Governor Jan Brewer provided us with important information and she continues to seek ways to protect Arizonans from increased costs of the new legislation," Kyl says. "On this issue, immigration and others, she has shown courage in fighting for the rights of Arizonans. I am pleased to support her candidacy for Governor of Arizona."

Brewer got some good news last week when Treasurer Dean Martin announced he was suspending his primary campaign and planned to support Brewer as she fights the federal government and its "relentless attack on the people of Arizona."

Brewer's only real opposition now is businessman Owen "Buz" Mills.

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