John McCain and Jon Kyl Named Among the "Worst of the Worst" for America's Middle Class

According to a group that calls itself a "strategy center for the progressive movement," Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl are the worst for the proverbial middle class.

They're actually in a 19-way tie among Senators for being the "worst of the worst," which, as you can imagine coming from a progressive group, is made up entirely of Republicans.

Campaign for America's Future says it's not trying to measure how "liberal" or "conservative" a member of Congress is, but instead the organization says it's "measuring members of Congress against the kitchen-table needs and concerns of middle-class voters."

So, the organization graded everyone in Congress based on their votes on 10 bills that it deems symbolic of priorities for the so-called middle class.

You can find the list of those bills (or in one case, an amendment to a bill) below, along with links that include descriptions:

Campaign for America's Future agreed with precisely zero of McCain's and Kyl's votes on those bills.

In the House, all of Arizona's congressmen managed to avoid getting on the crap list.

Democratic Congressmen Raul Grijalva and Ron Barber both got perfect scores, although Barber was only around to vote on two of those bills.

According to Campaign for America's Future, it's going to use the scores to buy Google ads targeting 10 of the "worst of the worst" Representatives in their elections this year.

Click here to see all the rankings.

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