John McCain Campaign Continues to Play J.D. Hayworth "Dumbest-Member-of-Congress" Card After J.D.'s Latest Gaffe

Former Congressman J.D. Hayworth made one of his more-legendary gaffes over the weekend, and Senator John McCain's campaign responded the way it often does when J.D. opens his trap and something dumb comes out: with a mildly humorous Web ad.

In case you missed it, Hayworth was asked a question about the U.S. government's failure to formally declare war in modern-day conflicts and responded by saying the following:

"But I would also point out, that if we want to be sticklers, the war that Dwight Eisenhower led in Europe against the Third Reich was never declared by the United States Congress," Hayworth bumbled. "Recall, the Congress passed a war resolution against Japan. Germany
declared war on us two days later. We never formally declared war on Hitler's Germany, and yet we fought the war."

It may come as a shock to Hayworth, but the United States did declare war on Germany on December 11, 1941, four days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and the same day Germany declared war on the U.S. Check it out here.

McCain's campaign has been hounding on the fact that Hayworth was once voted one of the dumbest members of Congress by Radar Online, and Hayworth's repeated gaffs have certainly helped make McCain's case.

McCain, in response to Hayworth's apparent lack of knowledge when it comes to WWII history, is offering Hayworth a short history lesson via-Web ad in its latest jab at the former congressman.

Check out the full video of McCain's latest attack on Hayworth's IQ after the jump.

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