John McCain Campaign Spoofs J.D. Hayworth's Infomercial Stardom With New Ad Featuring "Horse-Love Repellent"

Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth is on the verge of achieving infomercial super-stardom after his uber-public pimping of a company promising "free government money" and a new ad from John McCain's campaign.

No, Hayworth didn't actually make the latest ad -- it's a spoof created by the McCain peeps -- but it's hilarious and you can check it out after the jump.

The ad seems to touch on just about every dopey thing Hayworth's done or said over the course of the campaign, which is no small task --  Hayworth's ability to gaffe could put Joe Biden to shame, which, in the words of Biden, is "a big fucking deal."

Of the several products J.D.'s pimping in the spoof, our personal favorite has to be the "horse-love repellent."

One of Hayworth's more legendary oops-moments happened early in the campaign when he said allowing gay people to get married would ultimately lead to men marrying horses.

At the time, we tracked down a local "zoosexual" who was offended by the former congressman's comments. Check it out here.

According to the latest poll, Hayworth's blunders -- including his fear of  vampires and his belief that the United States never declared war on the Nazis -- don't seem to be scoring him too many points with primary voters.

The latest numbers on the race show Hayworth trails McCain by 23 points, which means that McCain's broken the Scott Rasmussen's vulnerability hump because the Rasmussen poll projects that he'd get more than 50 percent of the vote.

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