John McCain Continues to Dodge J.D. Hayworth's Debate Challenges

It's now been moe than 100 days since J.D. Hayworth first asked Senator John McCain to debates, and "The Maverick" still won't do it.

Hayworth first made his request for a debate in March, but McCain said he would not debate the former congressman until he was an official candidate in the primary.

Hayworth turned in enough signatures to get on the ballot in April, but we're still yet to see the pair square off.

McCain campaign spokesman, Brian Rogers, tells New Times that McCain is too busy as an acting senator to debate Hayworth right now but says to expect some news about debates "in the next month or so."

"Congressman Hayworth is doing what all desperate candidates do -- trying to have a debate about debates. As we've said all along, Senator McCain will obviously debate. At the same time, Senator McCain does have a day job and Arizonans want him fighting for them in the U.S. Senate, so unlike Congressman Hayworth he doesn't have unlimited time on his hands. We look forward to debating."

McCain's apparent time crunch hasn't stopped him from gallavanting across Arizona campaigning with people like Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. 

"I find it impossible to believe that during the past 100 days - a little over three months - Senator McCain could not find even one evening to stand before the voters and defend his record and explain his vision for Arizona's future," Hayworth says. 

"Instead of having an honest discussion with the people of Arizona, he is relying on his misleading television and radio ads to do his dirty work."

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