John McCain Drops Earmark Bomb on J.D. Hayworth in New Ad

Senator John McCain's now dubbing J.D. Hayworth, his U.S. Senate opponent in the GOP primary, as "the earmarker" in his latest Web ad attacking Hayworth's Conservative principles.

Unfortunately, he lost us with Glenn Beck.

McCain's new ad, entitled "Earmarker" begins with a clip from the Glenn Beck Program, where we can't tell if the sniffling pundit is about to start crying or laughing as he discusses "pork," "bull crap," and "special projects."

The ad goes on to outline some of Hayworth's "special projects," including his support of a $5.8 million snowmobile trail in Vermont, $3 Million for dust control along rural roads in Arkansas, and $223 million for the infamous "Bridge To Nowhere."

McCain continues by saying, "When it comes to pork barrel spending, [Hayworth] is not a Conservative."

Check the whole ad out below.

Congressman Jeff Flake is jumping on the Hayworth-bashing bandwagon and issued a statement about all of J.D.'s pork.

"Republicans have spent the past several years trying to repair our fiscal reputation and regain voters' trust. I hope that Congressman Hayworth will reconsider his position on earmarks and will support Senator McCain's earmark-reform efforts," Flake says in a statement.

Because Jason Rose, Hayworth's former political flak, is no longer with the campaign, we left a message at Hayworth's campaign headquarters to get the skinny on all of J.D.'s pork. No one has gotten back to us.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.