John McCain Gets Endorsed by Former Arizona Diamondbacks Outfielder Luis Gonzalez

In celebration of the beginning of baseball season, Senator John McCain announced today that he has the support of former Arizona Diamondbacks slugger Luis Gonzalez in his bid to fend off J.D. Hayworth, his Republican U.S. Senate primary opponent.

While we don't recommend that you take your voting cues from a famous jock, "The Maverick" seems pretty excited about Gonzalez's nod.

"Luis Gonzalez is among the most well-respected and accomplished players in D-backs history, and I am proud to have his support," McCain says in a statement. "I admire Luis' many contributions to Arizona both on and off the field. We D-backs fans were lucky to have Luis on our team when his walk-off single brought the World Series title to Arizona in 2001, and I am honored to have him on my team today."

McCain, of course, is referring to game seven of the 2001 World Series, where Gonzales hit a bloop single off the legendary Mariano Rivera to beat the New York Yankees, and win the World Series.

According to the latest poll, McCain is leading Hayworth 52 percent to 37 percent, but Hayworth has plenty of time to catch up -- the primary isn't until August 24.

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