John McCain Goes From Grumpy Old Man to Kid on the Playground in Three Seconds (Video)

Today in news only marginally related to elections, Senator John McCain transformed from a grumpy old man to a kid on the playground in about three seconds.

We're not 100 percent sure why this video is interesting, but it is.

As you can see, McCain's starring in the warm-up role in a rally for the Senate campaign of Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, as recorded by Fox 10.

After telling some hecklers that "jerks are allowed," McCain goes into get off my lawn mode with the classic "shut up," followed by... what? What the hell was that?

Senator, what?

McCain went back into grumpy old-person mode after that, informing the hecklers that he's "too old to put up with jerks like you."

Got 'em, Senator.

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