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John McCain Hosts Town Hall on Immigration, Gets to Deal With Angry Nativists (Videos)

If you have an e-mail account, it's highly likely you've received a nonsense, political chain e-mail -- you know, FW:FW:FW: Barack Hussein Obama II has signed more secret orders than any dictator in human history, even George Soros!

Based on the video footage of Senator John McCain's town hall meeting on immigration reform yesterday, we wouldn't be surprised if some of those people were educated by these chain e-mails, like the man who who gave McCain his immigration proposal: "Cut off their welfare and all their...their stuff, and they'll go back!"

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McCain tried to explain that the "overwhelming majority" of undocumented immigrants aren't on welfare, but he was being drowned out by people who were applauding and cheering for the "cut off their welfare" guy.

We mentioned some of this stuff earlier today, as McCain and Senator Jeff Flake are touting an immigration-reform plan, while Arizona's four Republican congressmen have all come out against it.

Based on the video footage that's come back from one of McCain's town hall meetings on the plan, some of these folks are nowhere near ready to accept immigrants in this country.

One clip shows McCain explaining that it's not fair to tell someone who's been here illegally for 40 or 50 years to start in a guest-worker program. The response: groans.

"Why can't you do that?" McCain responded. "Because we're a Judeo-Christian, principled nation."

You can hear the loud groans on that one.

(Start at the 0:52 mark to skip all the NBC stuff.)

"Why didn't the army go down there and stop them?" another dude asked. "The only thing that stops them, I'm afraid to say, and it's too damn bad, but is a gun."

McCain, who somehow seemed prepared for that question, informed the man that it would probably take about two million troops to cover the whole border.

Another man asked where the "dang fence" was, and as McCain pointed to a chart of fence-building progress, the man screamed at McCain, "That's not a fence!"

A video of McCain having further interaction with that individual can be found below.

So, if you needed an indication that not everyone's on board with immigration reform, this might be it.

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