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John McCain: Joe Arpaio an "Embarrassment" on Sex Crimes Fiasco

McCain slams Arpaio around 3:56 in

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Here's one reason to like U.S. Senator John McCain: He despises fellow Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and he's never afraid to let you know that he considers Sheriff Joke beneath contempt.

Sure, McCain hasn't exactly been a profile in courage these last few years, what with his pandering to anti-Mexican sentiment, his flip-flopping on immigration reform, his "danged fence" political ad with amateur underwear model and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, and his dumb, bigoted assertion while touring Wallow fire damage last year that illegal aliens were one reason Arizona has been plagued by forest fires.

Wrong again, gramps. Who just pleaded guilty for sparking last year's hella-destructive Wallow blaze? Two local white dudes. Which goes to show you that scapegoating Mexicans doesn't do diddly to prevent such conflagrations.

Still, when McCain opens up a can of Slappy Joe on the sheriff as the Senator did recently in an interview with Channel 12's Brahm Resnik, you can't help but like the cantankerous, conservative coot.

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