John McCain Leads J.D. Hayworth by 26 Percent, Poll Claims. J.D. Aint Scared, Though

If you believe the latest poll, Senator John McCain's lead over his opponent in the GOP primary for Senate, J.D. Hayworth, has just gone from substantial to huge.

According to the most recent poll, conducted by Phoenix-based Behavior Research Group, McCain now leads Hayworth 54 percent to 28 percent -- a 26-point lead.

Hayworth's antics during the campaign have been somewhat bat-shit crazy untraditional, but be that as it may, even we're not totally sold on the new numbers -- neither is the Hayworth campaign.

We asked Hayworth campaign spokesman Mark Sanders if the former congressman was at all concerned by the new poll and, naturally, he responded, "Of course not; it's not real...it's a completely inaccurate poll."

Speaking of inaccurate polls, about two weeks ago, the Hayworth campaign released a Rasmussen poll indicating that the two candidates were within five points of each other.

Sorry, J.D., we're not buyin' that one either.

As much fun as the polling game has been so far, we're looking forward to watching these two duke it out in a formal debate -- should that ever happen (yes, Senator McCain, the previous link is hinting in your direction). 

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