Feathered Bastard

John McCain Meets Neo-Nazi and Onetime J.T. Ready-Sidekick Harry Hughes

Neo-Nazi Harry Hughes is like the National Socialist Movement's version of the traveling gnome in those Travelocity.com commercials.

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The Maricopa, Arizona-based swastika-lover's been photographed next to Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, demonstrating in support of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, and now, next to "the Maverick" himself, U.S. Senator John McCain.

I'll let Hughes tell the story of his encounter with the sometimes hotheaded septuagenarian, apparently in an airport, while en route to Charlotte, NC.

"During my trip to Charlotte," writes Hughes in his blog Just Another Day, "I ran into Senator John McCain. He was actually on my flight. I was a little surprised that somebody as recognizable as him would be flying coach on a commercial flight, at all.

"Myself and some Vietnamese guy appeared to be the only people in the airport that bothered to walk up to him, shake hands and say, Hello. I talked the Vietnamese guy into taking a picture of me standing with the Arizona Senator."

John McCain flies coach? Talk about a tightwad. His heiress wife Cindy is worth an estimated $100 million. Together they reportedly own eight homes.

Wonder if the Senator eats at Mickey-Ds, too?

I asked McCain's press secretary Brian Rogers about the photo, and he confirmed what is self-evident.

"I'm certain [Senator McCain] was just approached during a layover," he responded via e-mail. "That happens all the time since Senator McCain always flies commercial."

I buy that, and I don't mean to imply anything nefarious about this McCain-Hughes encounter.

This is not like the case of recalled, former state Senate President Russell Pearce, who was buds with Hughes' onetime BFF, neo-Nazi and deceased kid-killer J.T. Ready. In May Ready massacred four people at the home in Gilbert where he'd been living, including a 15-month old baby, before pulling a Hitler, and blowing his own brains out.

Pearce endorsed Ready in his run for Mesa City Council, applauded Ready's speeches at nativist rallies, and even ushered Ready into the Mormon faith.

By contrast, this was merely two Arizonans crossing paths out-of-state. Interesting, considering the backgrounds of both men, that a Vietnamese gent supposedly took the photo.

Hughes was in Charlotte to participate in an NSM rally there. On his blog, which serves as a diary of his activities, he lists himself as the "AZ Media Spokesman" for the NSM, which he refers to as a "Caucasian White Civil Rights organization."

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