John McCain Picks Up Endorsement From Independent Business Owners and Kinda Forgets Who's Endorsing Him

Senator John McCain picked up the endorsement of the National Federation Of Independent Business yesterday, but he seemed to need a little reminder as to the name of the organization endorsing him.

McCain took a brief tour of the Central Bindery Company in Phoenix before NFIB President Farrell Quinlan stepped to the lectern to sing the praises of Arizona's senior senator. 

"For all those big decisions he's had to make in his nearly 30 years of service in Congress, Senator John McCain has never forgotten that America's economic powerhouse is on Main
Street, not Wall Street," Quinlan says. "Senator McCain has stood by small business by helping provide relief on the most unfair and anti-American of all tax levies, the death tax. He's been a stalwart in opposing card check, which would rob workers of their secret-ballot rights."

McCain hit the mic next and when thanking the group, "The Maverick" -- who seemed to have no problem giving the rest of his speech without notes -- had to briefly pause when he came to the part where he acknowledged the group endorsing him.

Say John, maybe using a teleprompter isn't always the worst thing in the world? Perhaps McCain would be more comfortable jotting down proper names on his hand -- a practice made infamous by his former "aww shucks" running mate, Sarah Palin.

The senator recovered nicely, though -- looking down, finding the words on a piece of paper, and continuing with his speech.

The press conference gave us a chance to ask McCain the status of the debates his GOP primary opponent J.D. Hayworth so publicly asked for by barging into the senator's campaign headquarters -- media in tote -- and handing a nervous receptionist a letter.

"The Maverick" tells New Times that while nothing is planned, he's down for whatever. 

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