John McCain Pro-Asterisk for Roid-Head Baseball Players

If it were up to John McCain, professional baseball players like Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez, and Jose Canseco, should have an asterisk next to their names in baseball record books because they admitted to, or were busted for, taking steroids.

The comments came when McCain appeared on Sports 600 (KTAR) this morning.

The debate over an asterisk for juiced-up ballplayers has been going on since the late-90s, the beginning of "the steroid era."

So far, several big names have been accused of, or admitted to, using steroids and McCain "would like to see at least an asterisk next to these people's names."

McCain also says Congress should no longer be involved.

"I don't think we should have any legislative or congressional interference on the issue," McCain says.

Of course, McCain is referring to The Mitchell Report, a 21-month Congressional investigation into steroids in baseball.

"The maverick" didn't just stick to baseball. While on the Doug and Wolf Show, McCain had a comment on almost all of the Valley's professional sports teams.

"Amar'e finally really gave an effort last night, and that was nice to see," McCain said, referring Suns power forward Stoudemire.

McCain went on to discuss Kurt Warner, saying,
"I sure hope that Kurt doesn't decide to run for the Senate soon."

That's funny, we were thinking the same thing about J.D. Hayworth.

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