John McCain Responds to J.D. Hayworth's Claim That America is Better Off With Obama as President With Doomsday-Style Ad

If Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth was pissed off yesterday, he's gotta be fuming today.

In response to a comment Hayworth made that America is better off with Barack Obama as president than it would be with John McCain in the White House, the McCain campaign released a new campaign ad highlighting some of President Obama's (ahem) accomplishments.

The ad even includes the slack-jawed reaction to Hayworth's comments by a listener of a radio show on which the matter was being discussed. 

Check out the ad after the jump.

Hayworth made the comment at a campaign stop Tuesday night. Here's the complete quote:  "don't get me wrong, I don't like the guy we've got there now, but I think the last thing we needed was a progressive trying to wear a Republican cloth coat as president of the United States."

Yesterday, Hayworth seemed a little butt-hurt about how the comment was being spun in the media.

The self-proclaimed "consistent conservative" took to KFYI, his former employer, to say the "left-leaning" media is misconstruing his comments to appease McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers.

Check out the audio of J.D.'s rant here.

Hayworth can bitch all he wants but to say the less-than-popular, liberal president would be a better commander-in-chief than his Republican opponent -- while in the midst of a Republican primary -- isn't gonna score him any points with the voters.

McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers makes another interesting point about Hayworth's apparent gaffe.

"So let's get this straight: Congressman Hayworth has now gone from questioning President Obama's American citizenship to saying he'd be a better president for America than John McCain?"

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