John McCain Thinks iPad/iPhone Are Built in U.S. -- Which They're Not

Like most things, Apple's iPad and iPhone are not built in the United States, which may need to be explained to Arizona's senior senator, John McCain, who recently declared that the two products were assembled right here in the U.S. of A.

Kudos to the 74-year-old senator for knowing the products even exist. In fact, "The Mav" is a technology novice -- he's a self-admitted computer "illiterate" who's "never felt the particular need to e-mail," and has to "rely on [his] wife for all the assistance [he] can get."

"In 1960, foreign goods made up just 8 percent of Americans' purchases. Today, nearly 60 percent of everything we buy is made overseas," McCain told ABC's This Week host, Christiane Amanpour. "I would also point out iPad or an iPhone, those are built in the United States of America."


Actually, the iPad and the iPhone are manufactured by a Taiwanese-based electronic manufacturing company called Foxconn, which gained notoriety last year when many of its overworked employees began committing suicide.

Thankfully, Leo Gerard, the president of the United Steelworkers Union, was there to correct the senator.

"The reality is that when you talk about the high-end stuff -- the iPad and the iPhone are made in China, they're not made in America," Gerard said.

See McCain's blunder below:

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