John McCain Tongues Obama In Goofy Post-Debate Picture

McCain's "how-do-I-get-off this stage" faux pas at the end of last night's debate resulted in what may be the silliest picture ever of a U.S. Senator or presidential candidate.

The perspective almost makes it look like McCain wants to literally chew Obama's ass, doesn't it? The picture -- this one was found on the BBC news site -- isn't Photoshopped. Viewers of the debate will recall McCain's tongue flopping out for half a second in a self-deprecating move as he turned toward Obama, then back the other way like he wasn't sure where to walk. Click here for a different angle of this apparently unrehearsed pose. -- Ray Stern

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Ray Stern has worked as a newspaper reporter in Arizona for more than two decades. He's won numerous awards for his reporting, including the Arizona Press Club's Don Bolles Award for Investigative Journalism.
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