John McCain

John McCain's Approval Rating Is 26 Percent

Senator John McCain is doing a pretty good job, according to hardly anyone.

That's according to a poll from Behavior Research Center, which says McCain's 26 percent approval rating among Arizonans is the lowest level in 21 years.

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Even worse (for McCain, at least), a full 21 percent of Arizonans think McCain deserves another term.

Compare that to back in 2005, when McCain had a 73 percent approval rating. By January 2006, it was 62 percent. Then it hit 50 percent in January 2007.

You may see where this is going. McCain hit 40 percent in January 2010, and 33 percent just one year ago.

It's kind of depressing that it wasn't that long ago that a whole lot of people in this country wanted McCain to be president of the United States.

In a press release from the Behavior Research Center, the pollsters say this poll was done "[e]ven before his recent vote in support of legislation to strengthen background checks for gun buyers," suggesting that it would have been even worse had they started off asking people about McCain this week.

Meanwhile, 36 percent of Americans believe aliens have been taking trips to Earth.

All the poll information (on McCain, not the aliens) can be found here.

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