John McCain's "Cranky" and "Partisan," According to Rodney Glassman, Potential Democratic Senate Candidate

Tucson's vice mayor and a potential Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, says there is a new version of John McCain, and its even crankier than before.

Glassman is bashing McCain over the president's healthcare summit in Washington D.C. that McCain attended yesterday, at the exact same time J.D. Hayworth marched into McCain's Phoenix campaign office -- in a bizarre attempt at political theatre -- to drop off a letter. 

"John McCain, the maverick, is history. Instead, John McCain 2.0, the cranky partisan, went to the Blair House meeting today, determined to blow up health insurance negotiations. Rather than finding common ground, McCain brought a shopping list of unproductive complaints. His cynical gripe was highlighted by news outlets across the country," Glassman says.

Glassman is only exploring a run for the Senate and says he won't officially declare his candidacy until April. Meantime, however, why not take a few jabs at his probable opponent?

"McCain's grousing won't help Arizonans get better coverage at a better price. Criss-crossing the state of Arizona, listening to Arizonans, I know that ordinary Arizonans want our leaders to work together to address the crisis facing America. One in five Arizonans [is] without health insurance and many more will face bankruptcy if they get sick or injured. The quality of healthcare should not be determined by the size of one's employer," Glassman says.

Glassman hasn't bashed his other slightly possible GOP opponent, Hayworth.

Why bother? Hayworth's done a pretty good job of that on his own.

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