John McCain's older than AARP and the Golden Gate Bridge"

By: Megan Irwin

The frontrunner for the Republican nomination to replace Dubya is also older than this mountain.

Lately, election coverage has focused almost totally on Obama vs. Clinton. But at least one blogger out there wants you to remember there's another contender in the presidential race: the senior senator from Arizona. Emphasis on "senior."

Obviously, McCain's age is a cheap shot, and it probably has nothing to do with whether or not he'd make a good president. But the list of things he's older than is too funny to ignore.

According to the Web site Things Younger Than McCain the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is older than:

Spam, the Golden Gate Bridge, Scientology, Alaska (and Hawaii), Bugs Bunny, chocolate-chip cookies, Dick Cheney, both of Barak Obama's parents and, uh, the American Association of Retired People. Yes, he's older than AARP!

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Megan Irwin
Contact: Megan Irwin