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John McCain's Racist Wildfire Statements Mocked by Jon Stewart

As I suspected, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart couldn't resist slapping U.S. Senator from Arizona John McCain around for his ignorant, hillbilly-esque statements blaming Sand Land's current rash of wildfires on illegal immigrants.

The segment above aired Wednesday, and features a scatter-brained McCain puppet who blames illegals for breaking into his house and hiding his remote in his freezer, "like a bunch of maniacs."

He also blames them for "stealing my pills, making my legs twitch" and swiping his reading glasses, although Stewart points out the glasses are actually around the Senator's neck.

It's not the funniest Stewart segment ever. Actually, I think the Twitter hashtag #Mccainblamesmexicansfor is better, and I'm guessing Stewart's writers ripped off a few of the ideas therein. 

But hey, it's all good. And there are some quotable zingers in the sketch.

Like when muppet McCain says, "Jon, you have to understand something, Mexicans start fires. They're firestarters. I saw one eat a plate of habanero peppers and fart blue flame."

Or there's this line from Stewart: "How do you know if a fire is started by an illegal? Is there like a mesquite tang to the smoke?"

Whatever you think of President Obama, McCain is a blithering idiot who would have made a disastrous chief executive. 

Can you imagine how much dumb stuff he would have said and done in the Oval Office? And with Sarah Palin as veep to boot? Dodged that sidewinder missile, we did.

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