John Shadegg
John Shadegg

John Shadegg Named Senior Fellow at Goldwater Institute

Outgoing Arizona Congressman John Shadegg has joined the ranks of conservative law professors, writers and policy analysts as a senior fellow at the Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute.

According to a post by the Institute on Sonoran Alliance, a right-wing blog:

Shadegg will support the Goldwater Institute by sharing his experience and expertise with resident scholars, reviewing research, and participating in Institute roundtables and forums. The Goldwater Institute selects its Senior Fellows for their exceptional knowledge, commitment to limited government and economic freedom, and their personal character.

The Republican Shadegg's leaving when Congress convenes this week, having announced early last year that he wouldn't seek a ninth term in office.

Shadegg's sort of unremarkable as a Congressman, a guy who knows how to keep the right-wingers happy and occasionally does dumb things like endorse books written by anti-Muslim extremists.

He should feel comfortable at the Goldwater, which Gary Nelson at the Arizona Republic today calls "a libertarian-leaning think tank and advocacy group."

Must be a lot of preachin' to the choir going on over there.

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