Arizona Cardinals' rookie QB John Skelton.
Arizona Cardinals' rookie QB John Skelton.

John Skelton Just Ehh in Arizona Cardinals Practice For Next Year With Denver Broncos

The Arizona Cardinals won a football game!

That's the good news. The bad news: who cares?

The Cards bested the Denver Broncos in a 43-13 blowout in Glendale on Sunday, and C-squad quarterback John Skelton was spectacularly average.

Skelton, who replaced Derek Anderson, who replaced Max Hall, who replaced Anderson, who replaced Matt Leinart, who replaced Kurt Warner as the team's starter this season, earned a 52.3 passer rating in the game, completing 15 of 37 passes for 146 passing yards, no touchdowns, and no interceptions. That's enough to get a pat on the back from Arizona Republic sports columnist Dan Bickley.

From Bickley's column this morning, entitled John Skelton's Performance Re-energizes Arizona Cardinals and the Fan Base":

Skelton is the first Fordham quarterback to take a snap in a NFL game since 1941, and yet he handled the moment with great maturity. He had no trouble falling asleep Saturday night, dozing off while watching a documentary on Vince Lombardi. And when the big moment arrived Sunday, television cameras caught him whistling on the sideline.

"John is like emotionless, man," Larry Fitzgerald said.

That's a good trait for a quarterback. A guy named Montana was like that.

We wouldn't exactly compare John Skelton to Joe Montana (yet, anyway), but he certainly made it clear that of the quarterbacks the Cards have available, he should be the starter.

Running back Tim Hightower had a career day against a horrendous Denver defense. Hightower rushed for a career best 148 yards, including touchdown runs of 8 and 35 yards.

The first Arizona touchdown of the day (and of the last three games) made history, too. Kicker Jay Feely tricked the Denver defense into thinking he was kicking a field goal before the holder lobbed him the ball and he scampered into the end zone for a touchdown. Feely is only the fourth kicker in 40 years to score a touchdown.

Larry Fitzgerald reminded fans that he still knows how to go up and get it. Fitzgerald had six catches for 72 yards, which isn't too impressive. How Fitzgerald came up with a few of those catches is impressive, though. In other words, they weren't exactly the most accurate of throws from Skelton -- but Fitz pulled them in anyway.

The win snapped a seven game losing streak for the Cards. Although, statistically there's a chance, the Cards will likely not be going to the post season this year -- sorry, folks.

Up next in the Cards' series of Sunday practices for next season is the Panthers in Carolina. Click here for more Cards info.

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