Democratic Congressional candidate Jon Hulburd
Democratic Congressional candidate Jon Hulburd

Jon Hulburd Continues Dirty Campaign With First TV Ad

Congressional candidate Jon Hulburd continues to beat the Dirty drum in his campaign's first TV ad.

News of Hulburd's opponent Ben Quayle's ties to the sleazy Web site "The Dirty" was revealed nearly two months ago and Hulburd has made it the focal point of his campaign -- probably better than talking about actual issues considering Hulburd, a Democrat, agrees with Quayle, a Republican, on just about everything.

In the new ad, Hulburd also criticizes Quayle for a mailer he distributed showing a picture of him and his two nieces. In a previous ad, Hulburd lied about lying, saying Quayle lied about the mailer by claiming the two girls were his daughters. As we pointed out the other day, Quayle never said the girls were his kids.

Quayle's campaign, on the other hand, has yet to go negative. The only time we hear anything from his campaign is to announce boring stuff like endorsements from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (yawn), which happened yesterday.

Check out the latest addition to Hulburd's Dirty campaign after the jump.

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