Jon Hulburd Releases "Final" Campaign Ad. Shockingly, There's No Mention of Dirty Scottsdale

Nik Richie, founder of the sex-steeped Web site The Dirty, is gonna be pissed. The latest campaign ad for Congressional candidate Jon Hulburd is a little different from literally every ad the candidate has released before today. In other words, it's not just 30 seconds of free promotion for Richie's raunchy Web site.

Hulburd today released what his campaign claims is his "final" campaign ad, and much to our surprise, the ad's about Jon Hulburd, not his Republican opponent, Ben Quayle, and his loose ties to The Dirty, which Hulburd has made the basis of his campaign.


The ad is called "The Rise of Phoenix," and despite the uber-cheesy title, it's not a bad ad. Regardless of how you feel about the issues, this ad actually addresses them -- unlike the rest of Hulburd's ads.

Don't expect to see it on the TV, though, it's only a Web ad, which is unfortunate because nobody's gonna see it. Hulburd's TV ads -- the ones the majority of people will see -- still tell you almost nothing about Jon Hulburd. Those ads consist of little more than frat houses, lying about fake families, and a broken "moral compass."   

Check out Hulburd's ad below.

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