Jon Justice, Wingnut Lip-Flapper, CHALLENGED To Debate by David Abie Morales

David Abie Morales, the bad-ass, lefty blogger of Three Sonorans fame, is calling out Tucson wingnut lip-flapper Jon Justice of 104.1 FM "The Truth," and challenging the rightist moonhowler to a debate.

But, um, on neutral ground, of course. Heck, I'll even drive down to Tucson to moderate, if they want me.

I take some responsibility for this, as I blogged recently about Morales' revivification of a "boycott" effort to get advertisers to leave Justice's morning show.This, because Justice is anti-ethnic studies and likes to bash Mexicans.

Though I understand the need to respond to the likes of Justice, I'm against boycotts of pundits. Granted, there is some self-interest involved in that stance. But the way to counter the speech you don't like is with more and better speech. So I suggested a debate.

In the video above, shot by videographer Dennis Gilman, Morales lays down the gauntlet. Will Justice pick it up?

I think he should. Plus, he could plug it on his radio. A veritable, verbal Thrilla in Manila, Tucson-style, with Morales playing a latter-day Che, and Justice holding aloft the standard of the pistol-packin' Tea Baggers.

If they could get a hall at UofA, I'd bet they'd pack the joint.

But if Justice blows Morales off, declines the offer, or whatever, well, he'll forever be labeled a yellow-belly.

C'mon, Jon, it could be the coolest thing to happen in Tucson since they erected that statue of Pancho Villa....

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