Jon Levenson, Former Constable, Gets Jail Time for Planning to Burn Down House and Blame Anti-Semites

Former Kyrene Justice Court Constable Jonathan Levenson will be doing some time in jail for planning to burn down his own home and blame it on people who hate Jews.

Levenson, who is Jewish, was arrested by Tempe police in October 2011 after the cops discovered that he was planning to collect insurance money thanks to the fire set by the imaginary anti-Semites.

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Levenson was sentenced this morning to four months in jail and two years of probation for conspiracy to commit arson.

Tempe police said in October that Levenson had been under investigation for four months, as he tried to get a few people to help torch his house.

His plan, according to the cops, was to go out of town while his potential partners-in-crime lit up the house on Yom Kippur. To make it clear that whoever burned down the house didn't like Jews, they would also spray-paint the house with anti-Semitic symbols.

Levenson had apparently been setting this up months in advance, as he called Tempe police in May 2011 to report that someone had spray-painted "Jew" on his car. The word "Jew" was not spray painted on his car, because Levenson said he washed off the evidence before police arrived. Police said Levenson made a similar report in June about someone spray-painting his house with an anti-Semitic message.

After his arrest, Levenson said he had already decided not to go through with his plan, but it was a bit late for that.

No one else was charged in the scheme.

James King contributed to this post.

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