Jonathan Lane Made It All the Way to Florida Before Discovering He Wouldn't Be Having Sex With Wheelchair-Bound 14-Year-Old

Bullhead City resident Jonathan Lane had this one in the works for more than a year -- he was going to have sex with someone he met on the Internet.

Finally, Lane got a plane ticket to Tampa, Florida, and landed at the airport early Sunday morning.

Lane, 33, was then arrested by the authorities, because his plans were to have sex with a  14-year-old girl who's confined to a wheelchair.

The Hillsborough County (Florida) Sheriff's Office says Lane was chatting the girl up on Yahoo messenger starting in June 2011, sending some dirty messages and "lewd pictures" of himself to her for quite some time.

Lane eventually bought the plane tickets using the girl's grandmother's credit card, and made sure he "communicated his plans of travel and his plans of sexual activity" before he left, the Sheriff's Office says.

Thankfully, the girl's father found the messages at the last second.

The girl's father called police at the airport in Tampa, and detained him until HCSO deputies showed up.

The Sheriff's Office says Lane admitted everything, and "had full knowledge of the victim's age (14) and her physical condition."

Lane gets to hang out in the Hillsborough County jail for his charges of traveling to meet a minor, using a computer to solicit illegal acts, transmission of harmful material to a minor, and lewd or lascivious battery.

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Matthew Hendley
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