Jorge Valencia Busted Selling Marijuana Through His Public Facebook Page

Phoenix resident Jorge Valencia has been conducting marijuana sales in full view of anyone who visited his public Facebook account, according to police.

"There were two conversations between Valencia and other subjects wherein they inquired about purchasing illegal drugs from Valencia and Valencia responded," state court documents obtained by New Times.

Further, the officer who found the Facebook page also found a photo of Valencia, 30, with a large wad of cash.

"Valencia posted that this wad of cash was dope money and that he never had a job," a probable-cause statement says.

Police started surveillance on Valencia's Phoenix apartment last week and watched a pair of apparent drug transactions, according to the documents.

The cops then obtained a search warrant, and note that the room was the same room Valencia was taking his Facebook photos in, and they even found one of the shotguns he posed with in a photo.

Police also found a revolver in there -- which was reported stolen in 2006 -- as well as a 121-gram marijuana stash and packaging material.

Further, the cops also took a look at Valencia's cell phone.

"A cell phone found in Valencia's house had a text message wherein a subject had asked Valencia for half an ounce of marijuana," the probable-cause statement reads. "Valencia responded by telling the subject to notify Valencia when he was present."

Police also found another cellphone, with a Facebook app that opened straight to Valencia's Facebook account, under the name of "Queso Lokon." (Don't bother looking it up, he's already bonded out of jail and deleted all the good stuff.)

Valencia was booked on five felony charges, four of them drug charges.

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