Josh Booty Wins the Diamondbacks' Knuckleball Show; Dude Already Has a World Series Ring

Josh Booty has won the strange MLB Network reality television competition show in which former college quarterbacks battle to see who can throw the best knuckleball and earn the chance to pitch for the Arizona Diamondbacks during the team's spring training.

We're not sure how we didn't see this coming, but it was totally bogus. Sure, Booty's a former college quarterback who played for LSU, but he has a history in baseball -- he has a World Series ring.

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See, when we evaluated the contestants for The Next Knuckler before the show started -- the Booty brothers, John David (USC) and Josh (LSU), Doug Flutie (Boston College), as well as David Greene (Georgia) and Ryan Perrilloux (Jacksonville State) -- we analyzed it for about 10 seconds before determining that Flutie would win, because he's the only one who's ever had his own cereal.

Now, seeing as Josh Booty was drafted in the sixth round of the 2001 NFL draft and never threw a pass, as well as the fact that his brother wasn't that great, either, we cut them out.

We noted previously that Booty played pro baseball, but we kind of missed the fact that he was the fifth overall pick in the MLB amateur draft in 1994.

He spent most of his time in the minors -- where he put up some impressive numbers -- and hit .269 in his 26 at-bats in the majors, with the Florida Marlins.

We'll note that Booty was on the Marlins' roster for the team's 1997 World Series victory.

At least a few -- we're assuming all -- of the other contestants in the show played baseball in high school, but that's a little different from playing in the big leagues.

Still, Booty's non-roster invite to the D-backs' spring-training camp likely will be meaningless.

The point of the show is for Booty -- who was an infielder in his day -- to pitch as a knuckleballer in a spring training game.

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