Joshua Reardon Accused of Getting Naked, Breaking Into Apartment, Terrorizing Women and Children

Joshua Reardon was accused of terorizing several women and children at a Phoenix apartment complex Monday, all while he was naked.

Yes, another naked man.

Authorities say Reardon, 33, flashed his penis in front of two women and two little girls, then broke into a pregnant woman's apartment and assaulted one of her two daughters, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

The first set of victims told police that Reardon walked up to them naked around the Huntington Apartments complex, near 16th Drive and Glendale.

Two women were returning home from a morning at the pool with one of the women's daughters, ages 6 and 4, when they saw Reardon strolling around naked, according to the documents.

The woman told her two daughters to cover their eyes and run up the stairs to the apartment, while the two women and other passersby yelled at Reardon to put on some clothes before they called 911.

From her patio, one of the women watched Reardon enter her pregnant neighbor's apartment. When she heard the woman's daughter scream from inside her 9-months-pregnant neighbor's apartment, the woman informed police about that, too.

Documents say Reardon entered the pregnant woman's home wearing nothing but a small T-shirt somewhat covering his genitals. Police say he went through the front door of the house, spotted the woman's 8-year-old daughter, and grabbed her arm.

The girl wrestled her arm away from Reardon's grip and ran behind her 4-year-old sister to another room, where her pregnant mother was lying down. The woman shouted for Reardon to leave, then locked herself and her daughters in the bedroom, documents say.

Reardon ran away after onlookers went to help, and police caught up with him shortly. He faces charges of assault, burglary, kidnapping, and indecent exposure.

Police say Reardon was on drugs at the time.

Reardon eventually was taken to Baptist Hospital -- where a pair of witnesses identified him as the man who had gotten naked and harassed people.

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