Joshua Reardon, Naked Apartment Complex Roamer, Pleads Not Guilty to All Charges; Says He Only Did, Like, Half of Them

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Joshua Reardon -- who's accused roaming around naked at a Phoenix apartment complex, flashing little girls and women, then breaking into the apartment of a pregnant woman, and grabbing up her 8-year-old daughter -- says police "barely had enough to arrest him."

Reardon's revelation came during his initial appearance in court, as he tried to convince a judge that the cops were just about to let him go, until they found "something."

He faces eight counts of burglary, assault, criminal, trespass, kidnapping and indecent exposure, but said he's not guilty of any of those charges -- he only did like half of them.

"Okay well I'm going to plead not guilty to all of them," Reardon said. "Yesterday the cops barely had enough to arrest me, and they were going to let me go. And finally, at the last minute, they found something. I think there [are] what, seven things, eight things there? I didn't even do half of that."

It should be noted that during an initial appearance, most defendants don't say anything, and a judge will probably help you enter a not-guilty plea, even if the accused is up there confessing their sins.

And despite Reardon's convincing assessment of his crimes, police seem pretty sure they have the right guy.

His first set of accusers -- a mother, a grandmother, and two daughters -- said Reardon walked up to them naked and flashed them when they were on their way back to their apartment, according to documents obtained by New Times.

After they ran up to their apartment and called police, Reardon allegedly broke into another apartment in the complex, belonging to a 9-months-pregnant woman. Police say he was wearing nothing but a small t-shirt that somewhat covered his genitals, and he proceeded to grab the woman's 8-year-old daughter by the arm, the documents say.

The girl wrestled her arm away from Reardon's grip and ran behind her 4-year-old sister to another room, where her pregnant mother was lying down. The woman shouted for Reardon to leave, then locked herself and her daughters in the bedroom, the documents say.

Reardon ran away after onlookers went to help, and police caught up with him shortly.
Police say Reardon was on drugs at the time, although court documents don't specify what that drug was.

He was eventually transported to Baptist Hospital -- where a pair of witnesses identified him as the man who had gotten naked and harassed everyone before he was jailed

Reardon's bond was set at $9,800.

You can check out the full video of Reardon's plea entry here.

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