J.T. Ready Gilbert Massacre: Listen to the Unedited 9-1-1 Recordings Here

Gilbert police released the recordings of the 9-1-1 calls yesterday made before and after neo-Nazi J.T. Ready allegedly murdered four people before icing himself last week, and not surprisingly, local news outlets weren't too hip to the idea of playing the entire recordings.

Since we're not in the business of sugarcoating, we have the full recordings released by police.

The first 9-1-1 call came from Ready's girlfriend, Lisa Mederos, who called to report domestic violence. That call ended with gunshots.

The next 9-1-1 call came from one of Moederos' daughters who was unharmed, and called police after the shootings.

"It was my mom's boyfriend, J.T. Ready," she says.

Sometime between those two calls, police say Ready shot Mederos, as well as her daughter, her daughter's baby, her daughter's boyfriend, and himself. All were declared dead at the scene except for the baby, who was pronounced dead at a hospital.

There's also a third call, a callback from a 9-1-1 operator to a neighbor, who also called to report the shootings.

You can listen to the recordings below. If you need a warning, the recordings contain what we described above, and more, so consider yourself warned.

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